How To Restore Old Leather Holster: 5 Effective Ways to Follow

Restoring can get back your leather holster a new look. Then why spend money on buying a new holster and leave the one suited to your drawing habit? 

No way! That’s why we’ve come up with some fancy ideas about how to restore old leather holster

You can make your holster smooth as ever with some common ingredients, such as olive oil or warm water. So why waste time? Let’s dig into the details.

How To Restore Old Leather Holster 

Though olive oil and warm water are available anytime, consider these ingredients as the last options. Because these are only recommended for the terrible shape of the leather. Follow our instructions in sequence and get the most out of your holster. 

  1. Apply Leather Conditioner 

Leather conditioners are meant to keep the leather softened and fluffy. This is the first ingredient you can try to restore a leather holster. Buy the best conditioner there is and rub it evenly to your holster’s body. Wait for 10 to 15 minutes to let it be soaked. 

Now take a soft dry cloth and wipe away all the excessive conditioners if any require. It’ll replenish the oils from the leather and make it more flexible than it ever was. Do this once in 3 months to keep your holster in good condition. 

  1. Try Leather Wax 

Leather wax is a substance that literally brings out the shine of the leather. It leaves no stain on your holster and makes it more water-resistant. As it’s just a cream, there’s no need to wipe it afterwards. Just take the cream on your finger and rub it all over the holster’s body. Leave it in a cold place. Once it’s dried up, you’ll get back your holster as it was when new. 

  1. Apply Leather Dressing 

Just like leather wax, you can use this substance to bend the fibre of your leather holster and bring the moisture back. This ingredient is quite the same as leather wax yet possesses neutral traits and no harsh solvents. Therefore, using it on your holster will bring no harm but smoothen the leather skin. 

  1. Use Olive Oil 

After trying the previous methods, if you still see your holster stiff, it’s time to use olive oil. Take a dry cloth and pour a little amount of olive oil into it. Let the oils absorb for a few minutes, then rub them to the holster body. It’ll moisturise the old leather and make it supple as you desire. 

  1. Soak It In Warm Water 

Don’t bother; the water won’t make your holster worse. Since you’re applying it to an old holster, there’s nothing to be concerned about. In fact, your holster is now much more tolerable than you think it is. 

Let’s soak your holster in warm water for 10 to 15 minutes. After the approximate time, wrap it with newspapers and dry out all the moisture. Now, place it in a warm place for a couple of days. After a few days, in the morning, you’ll see your holster is ready to join you with a far kinder skin. 

How to Restore Old Leather Holster with Home Remedies 

Don’t you want to buy additional elements for restoring your leather holster? No issue; you have something in your house that can get the job done. Follow us to the next part and get some valuable ideas to restore leather holsters with home remedies. 

  1. Saddle Soap 

Saddle soap is a common ingredient that most homes possess. You can easily use this object to get back the previous look of your holster. To do this, rub your holster’s outer part with the soap and leave it for several hours. Then get sandpaper and wipe down all the soap there is. Once removed, take a dry towel, pour some liquid on it, and wipe out the entire body of the holster. 

  1. Freezer Method 

Put your holster in a plastic bag and wrap it in a damp towel. Then place it in your freezer. Keep it there for a few hours. It will deter all the fiber on the leather and make your holster more flexible. 

Take out the holster from the freezer and moisturize it with a leather conditioner. This remedy will surely restore your holster to its previous look. 

  1. Olive Oil 

Olive oil is always found in a home and can be used to restore a leather holster. Just don’t use too many oils at once. Follow the olive oil method as we’ve instructed above. 

How to Get Rid of Mold on Your Leather Holster 

If your holster is caught by mold, you must first rub it with sandpaper. Try to remove all the mold by massaging all over the holster’s body. Once the mold is removed, use our recommended liquids to soften the leather skin. 

However, if you see the mold is too hard to remove, use a vinegar-water mixture on the holster body. Leave the holster with the mix in the sun for a few hours. Then rub it hard with sandpaper and moisten it with your preferred liquid. This vinegar therapy is the last thing to do, by the way. 

Source: Killing mold on leather! – Don Gonzales Saddlery ( 

Is It Worth Restoring the Old Leather Holster?

Restoring the old leather holster is always worth the effort. In fact, the process is relatively easy and inexpensive. And obviously, it increases the lifespan of your holster. Once you wear it after restoring it, the leather feels soft and flexible and nicely suitable for the gun. 

What Are the Best Oil to Restore A Leather Holster?

If you approach restoring your old holster only with oils, be concerned about some appropriate oils there. Just remember that ‘less is always more’ in the case of oil therapy. More use of oils will leave a bad stain on your holster and cause it to get dry eventually. 

In fact, not all the oils in the market are suitable for leather health. So, let’s see some oils you can use on your old leather holster to restore it. 

  • Olive Oil. 
  • Dark Saddle Oil. 
  • Mink Oil.
  • Neatsfoot Oil. 
  • Saddle Oil. 

[Note: Don’t use oils directly to your leather holster. Soak a cloth with the oils, then rub it on your holster’s skin.] 

Harmful Liquids for Restoring A Leather Holster 

You can’t use every liquid you get to restore a leather holster. Most common liquids, such as Hair spray, Glass cleaner, or Alcohol, are harmful to leather. So, before you use liquids, let’s know which are the bad among them. Below we have shortlisted some liquids that can harm your leather holster badly. 

  • Nail polish 
  • Alcohol 
  • Shoe Polish 
  • Hair Spray 
  • Window or Glass Cleaner 
  • Disinfectant wipes or pre-wet sponges

[Note: These liquids will initially make your holster seem like a new one. But gradually, it will lead the leather to dry and cause it to break.] 

Steven Savoy
Steven Savoy