How to Wear A Shoulder Holster: 5 Easy Steps

Wearing a shoulder holster can be a piece of cake if you know the proper way to do it. But if you don’t, you would end up falling into inappropriate situations. Because an unfit shoulder holster will not only prevent you from accessing your gun but also create unnecessary stress on your body. 

From a beginner’s point of view, it may seem easy to wear a shoulder holster as if wearing a jacket. But this idea is terribly wrong. Because you can’t fit it right unless you tighten the straps and put the rigs in the correct position. So, how to wear a shoulder holster? Let’s see how we can make it like jacket-wearing. 

How to Wear A Shoulder Holster

To make things easier, we will move on step by step. And won’t finish adjusting it until we see fit. Follow our guidance in front of a mirror to do it properly. 

  1. Put the Holster Rig on 

First, leave the cargo, such as weapons and mag, from the rig and tighten it correctly. Slip your arms through the loops as if you’re wearing a backpack. Ensure the cross straps remain high in the middle of your back. The magazine and gun holster should stay even below your arms. 

  1. Adjust the Holster Rig Straps 

Now that you’ve worn the holster, tighten the rig straps. It should remain tight to prevent unnecessary shifting. The middle spots between the straps are the best position to keep the rig on. 

However, if you’re wearing a holster for the first time, it may seem unfit for your body. So, you have to adjust to it gradually, and it’ll adjust you in return. Keep noticing the mirror to watch its rig movement. 

  1. Move the Holster to Your Armpit 

Different shoulder holsters come with different holster placements. If the holster moves with the strap, adjust it under your armpit. Place it slightly forward of your arm. Keep the Magazine holster and the Gun holster in an equal position.  

Some holsters can be detached from the harness, so you can put them anywhere you want. Put the gun holster under your right arm if you’re a left-handed shooter. Similarly, put it under your left arm if you’re right-handed. 

[Note: Some holster rigs don’t move. In this case, you have to deal with them wherever they sit.]

  1. Adjust the Holster’s Angle 

Holsters are usually positioned either horizontally or with the gun angle up or down. The horizontal position is considered the most comfortable position to rely on. If your holster move, angle it to your preferred position. 

  1. Put the Gun Into the Holster 

Now that you’re perfectly worn the holster, it’s time to put the gun in. Ensure your gun holster is opposite your shooting hand. It’s also important to properly break in a leather holster while placing the gun. And the magazine should remain on the gun’s opposite side. 

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How to Properly Adjust A Shoulder Holster 

To properly adjust a shoulder holster you must need a mirror. Because you have to see where the back plate is placed in your back as it’s the most precious thing about it. 

The Backplate should remain a little bit high and right in the middle of your back. Too high around your neck or too low on your spine will create some extra pressure if you’re carrying a heavy gun. 

Another important thing is to bring the magazine pouch and the gun pouch three adjustments up. It’s the most perfect fitting for average human weight and eliminates unwanted shifting. However, you can adjust it by cutting the extra leather or skipping some of the buttons. The trick keeps the backplate right in place. 


Important Things to Discuss on A Shoulder Holster Wearing 

Once you’ve successfully worn the shoulder holster, it’s time to know some valuable things about it. This will help you personally and keep you away from any unwanted situations. 

  • Wear a Loose Jacket 

You can’t show your holster publicly, as it seems to be some kind of threatening gesture. So, wear a jacket over it. But remember to wear a loose jacket, not a tight one. It shouldn’t press tightly against your gun and obstruct your sudden drawing. 

  • Keep Your Jacket Open Most of the Time 

Holsters are meant to allow you to take your gun from the comfortable position of your body. But what if you zip or button up your jacket? Can you get access to your gun real quick? No! That’s why keep your jacket open at least your holstered gun level. 

  • Practice Drawing Your Gun

Practice drawing your gun daily if you’re newly carrying a gun with you. It will help you draw your gun quickly and assist you in critical situations. You should practice it by wearing the jackets you’d usually wear. 

  • Avoid Concealed Carry without Legal Permission 

If you want to conceal your gun, you have every right to do so. But you have to have the authorized permission for it. Keep the carry permit with you whenever you wear the holster with a gun and wish to conceal it. 

Steven Savoy
Steven Savoy